I only want what my insurance will cover.

The services covered under your plan are selected and paid for by your employer. Employers often make this choice based on their best profit, not your best health. They may or may not cover all of the care you need to improve your oral and overall health. We will only recommend care if we are sure that it is worth it and you then need to decide if it is worth paying for that care. We now know that allowing even some gum inflammation to persist can increase your risk for other health problems like heart attack and stroke.

Why didn’t my dentist tell me sooner?

We now know through recent research that some of the subtle signs of gum disease that we never worried much about in the past, are more significant than we originally thought. Realizing that any gum bleeding and pocketing can affect your overall health, we are taking a much more aggressive approach towards improving your oral health.

Will it hurt?

Gum treatment has fortunately changed radically over the past few years. People often return to work and normal activities after leaving the office.

Can it wait if it is not hurting me?

Your gums are infected. Gum disease is progressive and rarely causes enough pain to make you want to do something about it. But damage is being done to your gums and your overall health every day that the infection is allowed to persist.

How much would it cost?

Our fees are set to allow us to do what we need to do to do it right. We use the best available technology and the best materials available. Above all, we will make sure your treatment is worth it-that is, the expected outcome will more than justify the involved time, effort and expense.