Pocket Reduction

Pocket reduction is concerned with the treatment of periodontal disease, particularly at the later stages when other treatments cannot address the problem.

The Development of Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease develops in the absence of regular hygiene practices, especially when a patient has not seen a dentist for an extended period of time.

The early stages of periodontal disease involve swollen or bleeding gums as well as chronic bad breath. These symptoms are frustrating, but many patients do not seek treatment at this early stage.

Failure to seek treatment often leads to the further development of periodontal disease, causing more serious symptoms that have a dramatic impact on your health.

Periodontal disease can destroy supporting tissue, such as the gums. Your gums are irritated by the presence of plaque and tartar on your teeth. As a result, your gums may pull away from your teeth, leaving spaces that are larger than normal around your teeth. We call these pockets.

What Is Pocket Reduction?

In early stages of periodontal disease, we begin treatment with a deep cleaning to remove tartar from a patient’s teeth. This is often helpful, but patients with deep gum pockets from advanced periodontal disease often require more intensive measures.

These pockets are a breeding ground for more disease and decay. It is not easy to clean these pockets at home or with normal dental cleanings, which is why it is important to seek assistance from an experienced professional.

To combat the harmful effects of periodontal disease, we offer pocket reduction.

The infected area will be carefully cleaned and sealed to slow further development of periodontal disease. Clearing out bacteria and smoothing the surfaces of your teeth may help your gums reattach in a healthy way, reducing the gum pockets.

After Pocket Reduction

We will help you improve your hygiene practices to maintain healthy gums by teaching you about good brushing and flossing habits. It is important to brush and floss regularly because these practices disrupt the bacteria growth that caused the periodontal disease in the first place.

We may also recommend a series of follow-up visits to ensure that your gums are healing. At these visits, we will measure gum pockets and check on the overall health of your mouth.

Let Us Help You Fight Periodontal Disease

Undergoing this type of procedure may help you keep all of your natural teeth throughout your life. We would love to play a role in helping you combat periodontal disease, so you can avoid the stressful consequences of losing teeth.

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