Dr. Shapiro and her staff have made me feel very comfortable and relaxed during my periodontal procedures. I would recommend to anyone who is feeling scared or uncomfortable to visit Dr. Shapiro. She will put you at ease, and guide you through any anxiety you may have. Dr. Shapiro has made my experiences with dental surgery more impressive than any other periodontist I have came across. Dr. Shapiro has the most sophisticated techniques to ensure a painless surgery.
— Angela M.

Dr. Shapiro is always on the cutting edge. Whether it is a periodontal procedure, a cosmetic enhancement , or simply providing a pleasant and professional staff. She strives for a flawless experience. Her office is comfortable and relaxing and she leads a team that accomplishes excellence. I recommend Dr. Shapiro to prove that a periodontal experience can be a pleasant one!
— Lori D.

Good Oral Health requires a caring and professional periodontist. That is exactly what I found ten years ago on my first visit to Dr. Denise Shapiro. During that visit with Dr. Shapiro I came to realize that, beside excellent oral treatment, her goal is to educate and guide her patients through the process of an individual plan for good oral health. She is also a doctor who maintains excellent follow-through. She cares for and about all her patients. Thanks for “Being You” Dr. Shapiro.
— Corinne R.

Thank you so much for your excellent care during my procedures. The professionalism of you and your staff left no doubt in my mind I was in the best of hands. The fact that you go above and beyond the call of duty is no surprise and is not only a testament to you as a doctor, but as a person as well!
— Terri A.

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