Teeth Extractions

There are times when teeth extractions are necessary. Reasons for an extraction can vary from minor—a baby tooth that just won’t budge— to urgent ones like impacted wisdom teeth. Most commonly, we extract teeth due to periodontal disease or a fractured tooth. Our talented team is fully trained to help, whatever the situation may be.

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are the third molars at the very back of our mouth. They often do not erupt until later in life. For some people, they are not actually a problem, but they can pose a problem for others.

Wisdom teeth can be known as fully and partially bony impacted, depending on the severity of the eruption problem.

Bony and Partially Bony Impacted

“Bony” refers to the tooth’s primary location: in this instance, the tooth is mostly in the jawbone.

A partially bony impacted tooth has come up further than a bony impacted tooth. The pain that comes from partially or fully impacted wisdom teeth is due to the third molars pushing up against your existing teeth. This can lead to crowding, which is why they need to be removed.

Let Us Help You

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