Sinus Lifts

Bone degradation can occur whenever we lose teeth. This happens because the bone that would normally surround the tooth does not have adequate structure to keep everything in place. If this degradation is allowed to progress, there may be very little bone left to work with when considering a dental implant.

One of the more resourceful solutions is to have a sinus lift. There are two types of sinus lift procedures: Osteotome Sinus Lift and Lateral Wall Sinus lift. We are pleased to offer both sinus lift procedures in our office.

What Is a Sinus Lift?

A sinus lift is a procedure that adds bone tissue to the upper jaw area. This is done by lifting a membrane located in the upper jaw  and using a bone graft to fill in the drooping sinus.

Once this has been completed, the area will be strong enough to receive the dental implants that can support replacement teeth. There are two types of sinus lifts that we perform at our practice: osteotome lifts and lateral wall lifts.

Osteotome Sinus Lifts

An osteotome lift is the method of choice when there is 6mm of remaining bone height. This may be ideal for patients who have minimal bone loss.

Lateral Wall Sinus Lifts

In a patient having less than 6mm of bone height we can perform a lateral wall sinus lift. A CBCT “cat scan” may be needed to evaluate the bone structure.

Ultimately, the choice between procedures depends on how much bone structure is left. Either way, a sinus lift is a treatment that very few periodontists perform. Our talented team is ready, willing, and fully capable of performing these procedures.

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