Dental Implants

Nothing is more devasting to a smile or a patient’s confidence than a missing tooth or missing teeth. For better or worse, our teeth are exposed to many potentially damaging things. From periodontal disease to sugary foods  or injury, it is not surprising that millions of people are missing at least one tooth.

Dental implants are surgical components placed into the jaw bone to support a dental crown or bridge. One of the most impressive features of dental implants is that they can be placed to support more than one or more than one missing tooth.

We will tailor our treatment to your specific needs. Only missing one tooth? We have you covered. Missing multiple teeth in a row? Dental implants can take care of that too.

Why Should I Get Dental Implants?

Apart from enhancing the esthetic appearance of your smile, dental implants have  other benefits worth considering:

  • Durability. Dental implants can last years when given proper care. As long as you brush and floss your teeth regularly, your new teeth will last quite a while.
  • Convenience. Unlike dentures, dental implant-supported teeth won’t have to be removed and cleaned. These permanent dentures will function and look just like a natural tooth.
  • Improved ability to eat. Missing teeth can make it difficult to chew food. A dental implant will support a crown that will enable you to eat normally
  • Improved overall oral health. A missing tooth causes deterioration in the jaw bone. A dental implant takes the place of a real tooth’s root and presence in the mouth. The bone in your jaw or skull actually needs this presence to maintain bone density. A dental implant will prevent deterioration by stimulating the bone underneath.
  • Restoring speech. Your teeth are vital to speaking clearly. With dental implant-supported teeth, you will be able to communicate with no difficulty.

Call to Restore Your Smile

Give our office a call with any questions about dental implants or to set up an appointment. We look forward to restoring your smile.