Our practice is dedicated to preventing and treating oral diseases. Our goal is to make sure we are as aware of as much as we can, so we can offer the most effective treatments to our patients.

We also hope that we can contribute to a patient’s overall health by detecting oral health issues. Your gums are a fascinating tissue that may exhibit symptoms of systemic abnormalities.

Consequently, we make it a priority to offer biopsies here at Providence Periodontics.

What Is A Biopsy?

A biopsy is when a medical professional collects a tissue sample for study. These samples are sent to labs to identify any abnormal cells. In particular, a biopsy is often used to detect cancerous cells.

Here at Providence Periodontics, we collect gum tissue samples when we are concerned that a patient may have cancer or other systemic issues.

How A Biopsy Can Help You

When we collect a tissue sample, we are trying to learn more about what is happening with your oral health. The insight that a simple tissue sample can provide is invaluable to protecting your overall health.

As we collect samples, we are especially concerned with early detection of oral cancer, which is far more treatable in the earlier stages. Early detection helps ensure effective treatment. With prompt treatment, a patient may be able to enjoy a healthy life after a cancer diagnosis.

Oral cancer often exhibits symptoms like growths/lumps, white or reddish patches in the mouth, pain, or loose teeth. We may recommend a biopsy when we notice signs like these in order to give patients the best prognosis for cancer treatment.

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If you are experiencing any distressing oral symptoms, we can examine your mouth and offer you answers to your questions. We want to help you regain your peace of mind as well as your health.

If you have any questions about biopsies, give us a call! We look forward to helping you keep up your oral health and prevent disease in the future!